37 Places That Hire RN Nurses to Work From Home in 2018

37 Places That Hire RN Nurses to Work From Home in 2018

February 12, 2018 0 By Srikanth Bhattacharya

Being a Registered Nurse is such a rewarding and and time-honored position.

It is and has always been a much needed career, with plenty of opportunities available.

Being an RN has its many advantages, such as, the ability to telecommute.

When you signed up to be a Registered Nurse, surely you didn’t think there was a way you could put your skills to use working from home!

Well, you can.

Nursing positions are one of the most common remote based careers!

More and more RNs are leaving the

traditional workplace to find a rewarding RN career at home.

From triage nurses to Worker’s Compensation case managers, you can use your RN license for a rewarding career right in your home office.

Case managers, hotline nurses and many other types of positions can be found if you are looking for a home job and have an RN license.

Here are just 37 of the common places that hire RN Nurses to work from home.

Here are just 37 of the common places that hire RN Nurses to work from home.

1. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group consistently has a high number of positions available to Registered Nurses who want to work from home.

UnitedHealth Group is a solid company that offers an excellent benefits package.

Although you will travel within your area, the job is home-based and offers medical and retirement benefit packages.

2. Aetna

Aetna is a highly recognized healthcare and life insurance company with a long standing history. Aetna is known for commonly offering telecommute positions to RNs across the US.

It has positions for Clinical Care Managers, Nurse Consultants, and more for RNs seeking to work from home.

You can narrow down its large list by clicking “Yes” on the telecommute filter.

3. Cigna

4. Carenet

CareNet frequently offers RNs positions as a work from home Care Advisor to help complete a team that provides 24/7 healthcare.

Bilingual applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for this job.

5. McKesson

McKesson, a major part of the healthcare industry, offers work from home positions for Registered Nurses for Telehealth services and Implementation Consultants.

As a Telehealth RN, you’ll provide nursing care over the phone or internet. Implementation Consultants help design and implement healthcare programs for McKesson.

6. The Hartford

You can apply for a Workers’ Compensation Nurse Manager position with The Hartford, an insurance company that provides many benefits to its employees, like competitive pay, health insurance coverage, and wellness programs.

This position requires RNs to review and evaluate Workers’ Compensation claims.

7. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson occasionally lists work from home jobs for registered nurses like a Blood Glucose Manager and Insulin Pump Trainer. These telecommute jobs aren’t always available, so check its career page frequently for new opportunities.

8. CVS

CVS provides Registered Nurse – Home Infusion home-based positions that allow you to visit the homes of patients to provide a variety of infusion care. CVS also has at-home nurse positions to manage nurse hotlines.

9. AmerisourceBergen

You can become a home-based RN Wellness Case Manager for AmerisourceBergen, one of the top Fortune 500 healthcare companies in 2016. This is a full-time contract position that provides medical support to patients and insurance companies.

10. Mercy

Mercy offers work from home opportunities for on-call nurses to provide guidance to patients with healthcare questions and concerns. For this position, you’ll need at least 5 years of experience in a healthcare setting

11. Anthem

Anthem hires RNs for telecommute positions, such as Nurse Medical Manager and Case Manager. Anthem offers competitive benefit packages for retirement, health insurance, and work-life balance.

12. Medtronic

Medtronic hires part-time and full-time RN positions for its Telehealth services. You will be providing healthcare information in response to patients’ questions, as well as assessing their symptoms over the phone and advising a care plan.

13. Best Doctors

Best Doctors sometimes has open positions for RNs to work from home, like a Clinical Impact Analyst, who summarizes medical records and financial documents. Best Doctors provides paid time off and holidays on top of life insurance and other benefits.

14. Express Scripts

Express Scripts hires Infusion Nurses for at-home infusion treatments. You can check on its website for other work from home opportunities, as it has been known to offer others at times.

15. Humana

Humana is one of the largest and most well-known healthcare companies offering an excellent benefits package to its employees. You can search its website for work from home positions, including RN Case Manager, Quality Improvement Nurse, Care Coach, and more. Humana has several work from home opportunities for RNs at any given time.

16. FoneMed

FoneMed is a telecommunications provider of health and wellness services. Registered Nurses for FoneMed will help answer health-related questions of callers and help operate triage services.

The website provides additional information about its requirements, locations, and benefits.

17. Citra Health Solutions

Citra Health Solutions gives RNs the opportunity to work from home providing coordinated care, coaching, and motivational behavior modification tools to patients with chronic health issues enrolled in Citra’s Chronic Care Management program.

18 Sykes Assistance Services Corporation

You can work from home as a Telehealth Care Coach Coordinator with Sykes, a specialized assistance program provider.

As a Care Coach Coordinator, you will provide over-the-phone assistance to patients and help them coordinate proper services.


83Bar is an appointment setting company to match people with their healthcare needs. The company hires medical specialists, including RNs, as Clinical Contact Specialists for up to $30 per hour.

You’ll contact people who request healthcare information to set them up with appointments for appropriate specialists.


Alere is a provider of medical diagnostic products. The company occasionally seeks at-home training specialists to provide answers to patient questions about their products.

Altegra Health

If you have medical coding experience and your RN license, you can become a remote medical coder for Altegra Health.

You’ll need at least 3 years of medical coding experience in multi-specialties, plus special coding certifications are strongly preferred.

Auto Injury Solutions

Auto Injury Solutions provides help with claims to leading auto insurance companies all over the United States. The company seeks work from home Telephonic Support Nurses with current RN certification to provide support with medical terminology, issues, and more.

You’ll attend training at an on-site location, but will then be able to transfer to your home office full-time. Full benefit plans, including 401(k) and health insurance, are provided.

AviaCode is a medical coding provider that enlists work from home inpatient and outpatient medical coders. Must have professional coding experience, plus other technical certifications, depending on the position.

AxisPoint Health

AxisPoint Health has a few different remote positions for RNs, like Telehealth Registered Nurse and Nurse Advice Line Triage RN.

Depending on company needs, you may be required to obtain RN licensure for other states besides your home state.

BroadPath Healthcare Solutions

BroadPath Healthcare Solutions has a variety of work from home positions, including a Medical Reviewer Nurse for those certified as RNs. You’ll be reviewing medical billing and claims and make decisions on appeals and denials based on given information.

Must have RN in home state, plus a compact license, and should have professional RN experience in a clinical setting.

eQHealth Solutions

eQHealth Solutions offers a remote Case Manager position for licensed RNs. You’ll oversee the care and treatment of patients, as well as coordinate appointments and medical plans.

You’ll need at least 3 to 5 years of experience with acute care or community nursing. Some travel may be required for the position.

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

RNs can apply for a Surgical Clinical Reviewer position through GeBBS Healthcare Solutions. The job is usually listed on FlexJobs or Indeed, rather than on its website, so keep an eye out on these job boards.

The full-time contract position requires providing consultations to medical staff, analyzing information, quality assessments, and more. A benefits package, including retirement plan and health insurance, is offered.


HealthHelp hires Clinical Review Nurses with RN, LVN, or LPN licenses to work from home performing clinical intake and certifications, customer service to providers and patients, collecting and entering data, and more.

Must have at least 24 months of clinical experience with direct clinical care and managed care.


iMedX offers medical coding and transcription services. The company utilizes remote RNs with experience in coding and transcription to work its 2nd and 3rd shifts. You’ll be required to work at least one weekend day or night, in addition to your weekday schedule.

Part-time and full-time positions are available, with full-time employees (30 hours or more) eligible for a benefits package.

Integrity Management Services

Integrity Management Services helps federal and state government programs prevent fraudulent use of its programs, such as Medicaid and other public assistance programs, or fraudulent law and medical claims.

The company doesn’t list its position on its website, but you can submit your resume to the e-mail address listed on its careers page.

The company does list some open positions on job boards, like Indeed, including a Nurse Reviewer position. This remote position is temporary, and you’ll need 3 to 5 years of experience as a RN. You’ll be assisting with research on medical claims and conducting reviews of medical records.

Molina Healthcare

A leader in the healthcare insurance industry, Molina offers remote positions for RNs. You can search for these by using the location feature to search “remote”.

One such position is the Care Review Clinician, in which you’ll provide a variety of services to healthcare providers, patients, and the Molina team. The position requires a minimum of 5 years of clinical practice, and it’s preferable to have some experience with Molina and/or Medicaid.


PharmMD provides services that help connect patients, pharmacists, and healthcare providers. The company occasionally lists work from home positions that require RNs, such as a Patient Engagement Specialist.

The call center position requires you to set appointments for patients to review their medications with pharmacists.

Piedmont Healthcare

Piedmont Healthcare occasionally lists remote jobs for RNs on its website, such as the Home Health Care Manager position.

This part-time position may require some travel, but you’ll usually be assisting patients from home in coordinating their care between specialists.

Piper Clinical Solutions

Piper Clinical Solutions has openings for RNs to join their team as Remote Medical Dental Review Auditors. This position requires full assessments of dental insurance claims and documentation to ensure proper procedures are being followed.

Must have at least 8 years of medical review experience, be a certified coder with extensive experience in technical coding, and you may be required to do some traveling twice per year.

The position offers a full benefits package, including paid time off and 401(k).

Registry Partners

Registry Partners is a data abstraction and registry management company that provides services to a variety of healthcare providers. It lists its VPS Data Abstractor position as a remote position for physicians, respiratory therapists, and RNs.

You’ll be reviewing and providing abstraction services for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit registry data using medical records, so you’ll need to have professional experience in a PICU/NICU unit.


This job is much different than the others, but it can give a good variety to a RN looking for something else to try. If you have writing experience and your RN license, you can become a remote Nursing Lesson Writer through Study.com.

The contract position requires you to write creative and engaging lessons for an online platform. The hours are flexible (you can work when you’re able to with no set schedule), and you’ll get paid twice per month.

You should have experience teaching nursing or healthcare subjects, either online or through a traditional school or medical facility.


WellStar hires RN Case Managers to work from home providing services and support to patients and healthcare providers. The company prides itself on providing a work-life balance with flexible scheduling, paid maternity leave, and more.

Double check the position requirements, as there will often be a requirement for a specific state RN licensure, even for its work from home positions.